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Autumn of 1945 after the successful August Revolution, "Department of tariffs and indirect" was established, Vietnam Customs launched. Undergone 69 years of development, Vietnam Customs unceasingly contribute actively in the struggle for national liberation, construction and integration of the country. Contributing to the cause of the country in which the general Customs and the Customs Department in Ho Chi Minh City in particular - the largest unit of the customs of the country in terms of scale of operation. From an organizational far less than 100 cadres throughout the Department staffing has nearly 2200 civil servants, from general dentistry tasks takeover of Saigon tax authorities and organizations prepare to deploy forces customs duties after the Customs Department to launch this annual TP clearance procedures for over 2 million import and export declarations, 9 million passengers immigration filed with the state budget revenues accounted for 35% of the revenue of the Customs and City. 2013 the revenue of the State Department's budget submission 76815.28 billion. 2014 City Customs Department assigned 85 400 billion, has so far gained approximately 58 trillion. In addition, the unit also procedures for various types of other vehicles Immigration (nearly 70 thousand / year) ... Unit also contributed actively in the work of policy advice to Government to promote economic development and the Customs Department units are pioneers in the reform of administrative procedures in the field of modernization of customs, especially in the fight against smuggling and trade fraud , illegal transportation of goods across the border. Department found in 2013 and 6517 set records in violation of 24 cases including drug trafficking and drug precursors with over 100 kg of material evidence, the value of infringing goods was 618.1 billion. And only the first month of 2014, the Department has established 2,426 border violation and arrested 11 drug trafficking cases, every politician violations approximately 200 billion, in addition to many other commodities such as rhino horn ban sense, precious woods, reactionary cultural products, goods, old machinery ... Customs Department has been honored by the city of the Party, State, Government awarded more Medal, Merit, ken Letter of the President countries, the authorities (Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of communications and Information ...) that deserve the title of Labour Hero in the reform era has been awarded the State in 2007.


The results of the HCM City Department of Customs today companionship and cooperation of organizations and individuals engaged in import and export, and immigration concerns, close guidance of the Party and State State, Government, Ministry of Finance and Customs, Party Committee, people's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. Consensus, spirituality, the will to take the full responsibility of the customs officials, we always work with the motto "Unity - discipline - Dynamic - Understanding - Industry Centre - Performance fruit "on 09/6/2014, the Customs Department official city has commissioned cargo clearance system automatically VNACCS / VCIS to transparent procedures, shorten the clearance time, save money cost, manpower, material resources for business, commercial and manufacturing enterprises. It is funded by the Japanese government to grant Vietnam with the aim of implementing OSS countries, is an effective tool to help the government, ministries, GDC effective management and effectiveness of State management over customs, facilitating maximum meet the need for increased integration improve the competitiveness of Vietnam's economy promoting industrialization and modernization of the country for businesses and residents. In the process of implementing, HCMC Customs Department always travel, listen to coordinate timely solve problems and difficulties for Business Enterprise serves better, promote import and export trade development . And we are willing to continue to accompany the enterprise's commitment Customs "Professional - Transparency - Efficiency" with business community.

In the next steps of development, the Customs Department has always expect the city to continue to receive the attention of leaders at all levels and the companionship and cooperation of community loyalty import and export business, agency boards, industry functions. To celebrate 69 years of the establishment of the Customs Administration (09/10/1945 - 10/09/2014), Bureau of Customs in Ho Chi Minh City would like to express sincere thanks to the comrade leader, the organization you individuals involved in the coordination of state management of customs activities, you read the Website. Wishing you lots of health, happiness and success.


Nguyen Thi Thu Huong