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Monday, 08/18/2014 | 12:35 GMT+07
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Guiding on importing vehicles without attorney letter 

To remove difficulties for enterprises importing vehicles who  do not have attorney letter under a scheme of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) promulgated the Document no.9925/TCHQ-GSQL guiding local Customs Departments to implement uniformly.
Accordingly, based on cerification of imported vehicles  by General Department of Vietnam Customs, local Customs Departements where the enterprises make customs procedure for first consignment, in accordance with regulation of Ministry of Industry and Trade, issued quantity checklist for vehicles imported.
When issuing the checklist, customs officers remark “already issued checklist” in the original cerification of importing status by GDVC. Remarking date of issuance,  Leaders of customs control and supervision Devision or customs technique Division sign and seal on the Confirmation of GDVC and importing checklist.
The regulation of GDVC aims at creating favourable conditions for enterprises and meet requirements on management and control of quantity and value of imported vehicles in accordance with guidance of Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT). Previously, MOIT promulgated the Document no. 4528/BCT-XNK to remove difficulties for the enterprises who import vehicles without attorney letter.
Specifically, for Contractd of importing new vehicles from or below 9 seats signed before issuing date of Circular no.20/2011/TT-BCT and have payment documents done before May.12th.2011, importers can make customs procedures at customs authority as regulated, don’t need to follow the mentioned Circular no.20/2011/TT-BTC. However, importers should meet below conditions:
- Having Contract and payment document dated before May.12th.2011 certified by the paying commercial bank: 01 copy of origin signed by authorised representative of the paying bank.
- Having refusal letter to refund paid amount of cars which haven’t received by buyers yet.
- Having Confirmation by GDVC on import status of contracts paid before May.12.2011.
- Total amount of remaining vehicles could not exeed the paid amount by buyers before May.12th,2011 and certified by the paying commercial  bank. Enterprises could have Contract extended and sign the Annex of the Contract to amend production year, model no, quantity and unit price corresponding to the vehicles listed in the contract with payment done before May.12th.2011 but can not change them to the other category or brand except the vehicles with signed brand/category  are not produced by manufacturers anymore
- Vehicles should arrive Vietnam latest by May.28th.2015
- MOIT also requested GDVC to control, supervise and have statistics of imported vehicles of Enterprises which were paid before May.12th.2011 and send report to The Ministry after 6 months and when the Document no.9925/TCHQ-GSQL is out of expiry date.